"August" company carries on wholesale and retail distribution of food stuffs and car details, including products under its own "ORCA" TM - sales positions of pre-packed bulk stock food stuffs.

We offer you more than fifteen hundred items of food items, which are constantly present in the warehouses of the company, among them are:

Cereals and pasta:

- Cereals in a wide range at manufacturers’ prices;
- Flour of extra, the first and second grades;
- Pasta;
- Sugar.

Canned fish and meat:
- Braised beef and pork («stew»);
- Canned fish in a wide range.

Grocery products:
- Tomato Group: tomato paste, ketchup.
- Sunflower oil of "DNIPROPETROVSK brand;
- Vinegar;
- Green peas;
- Spices;
- Bay leaf;
- Black pepper peas (sold by weight);
- Red pepper powder (sold by weight);
- Sweet pepper peas (sold by weight);

Cheese and butter:
- Cheese Russian 50%;
- 50% of Ukrainian cheese;
- Cheddar cheese;
- Butter sold by weight;
- Butter in packs.

Coffee and tea:
- Georgian tea sold by weight;
- Tea of "MAGRETT" and "AKBAR" brands.

Juices and soft drinks:
- Juices in assortment in 3 liters’ packs;
- Fruit water produced by “ROMNY Brewery".

We are an official partner and distributor of the following brands:
"KOSTOPIL margarine factory”.

The main objectives of our company foundation are provision of Ukrainians and our neighbors with the staple foodstuffs of natural origin at affordable prices, in a quality package easy to use, as well as support of domestic producers of agricultural products.

A company "Avgust" has all the certificates are needed for the sale of commodities on territory of Ukraine and export.
Our products guarantee good nutrition, and thus health and human longevity.

Be Healthy!